Pasture and Land Management

Protecting the Future

Livestock Farmers

We offer livestock farmers effective solutions to manage encroaching flora on their farms, helping them retain more grazing pasture for their animals.

Game Farmers

Terravusa’s non-toxic herbicides offer game farmers a safe and effective way to manage encroaching flora on their land.

The Invasive Species Problem

Encroaching flora aggressively colonizes and dominates local ecosystems, reducing biodiversity and impacting animal farms. Encroaching species compete for resources, leading to lower forage quality and quantity, and some can be toxic to animals.

Preventative measures and early detection are key to long-term control. Control methods include mechanical removal, herbicide applications, and prescribed burning. Effective management is essential to maintaining a healthy and productive environment for animal farming.

Unmatched Herbicide Solutions

Exclusive southern-African licensing rights from Corteva Agriscience.

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